FCS 025: Profitable Pricing with the co-founder of IPS Mastermind, Rachael Boer!


Rachel is a Portrait and wedding photographer based near Washington, DC -She teaches and mentors on business and sales -Co-founder of the brand new site www.ipsmastermind.com, an online educational resource for photographers.

Major Takeaway's

  1. You are selling the art, not the medium that it is being delivered on. Do NOT look at your COG’s (Cost of Goods) and base your pricing on that.
  2. Write down every task that needs to get done in the business. circle everything that you would not pay someone over $100 to do. If you won’t pay someone else $100 to do it then you don’t need to be doing it.
  3. Think of yourself as a professional marketer who happens to do photography. –
    • Relationship marketing - get out and talk to people and go to networking events!
    • Lost Lead Marketing strategy - losing a little on the front end (i.e. sessions costs) to make a little more on the back end. (i.e. selling prints)


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