FCS 014: Katie Capo shares some insights to advertising!


Aside from being my wedding photographer(!), Katie is a wedding photographer in Charleston South Carolina specializing in outdoor weddings at historic & unique venues. Her work has been published on some of the top wedding blogs - Martha Stewart Weddings, Junebug Weddings and Southern Weddings. Katie has been impressing us since we got to shoot a wedding with her last October (the video on the about us page) and I have continued to follow her work and even getting to work with her at another wedding. Once we got married and were looking at photographers for our big day it was obvious that Katie and Her Fiancé John were the perfect photographers to photograph our wedding!

A quick look at Katie's style!

Major Takeaway's

  1. Be friends with other photographers/videographers
  2. When you are starting out, every 5 sessions you should be raising your rates.
  3. Your ideal client is where you need to be specializing.


How to connect

A few photos Katie took of Matt and Alyssa at Disney!

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