FCS 034: Instagram pods, passion, and being yourself with Catherine Coons


Catherine Coons is a wedding, portrait and lifestyle photographer based out of New York City. She is only Twenty-two years old and she shot her first wedding her senior year of high school! 2017 will be her second year as a full-time creative!

Major Takeaway's

  1. Find your passion first then niche down for success. Don't make the mistake of creating a job for yourself that you will end up hating. Love what you do before you make it your sole source of income.
  2. Be yourself on your website and get to know your clients. People want to work with those that they know like and trust.
  3. Instagram pods - Instagram pods are essentially group chats on Instagram. Whenever you post a new picture to your feed you simply click the airplane icon under the picture and send it to the group chat. The group is there to support you and help you get more reach. By liking and commenting on your picture Instagram will put your picture in front of more people which will put you in a better position to be found by future clients.


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