FCS 038: 3 ways to stand out online, Publishing your work, and forward thinking with Caleb Pike!


Caleb Pike runs DSLR Video Shooter where he trains youtubers and filmmakers to make better videos through tutorials and gear reviews. He also runs the Video Shooter academy where he offers premium training for those looking to step up their video game.

Major Takeaway's

  1. "what got you here, won’t get you there.” - Marshal goldsmith You have to always be thinking of what is going to take you to the next level that you've yet to reach. What got you to where you are in your business isn't necessarily going to help you grow to the next level.
  2. Get your work publish, don’t poorly publish good work. "Done is better than perfect." It's better to post at good video quickly than to post a perfect video too late.
  3. 3 ways to stand out online: • Quality - how can I do this better than anyone else? • Bringing on someone famous - This leverages their following to view your photos or videos. • Information - is there a way you can explain better than anyone in your niche?


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